10 Ways to Prep Your Home for Fall

Fall is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. The temperature changes, the outdoor scene transforms into a warm and colorful hue as the yellowing leaves from trees starts to fall down the ground, and everything feels a little bit nostalgic. Fall is the lovely season between summer and winter – a delightful transition to the colder months ahead. It is a great time to snuggle, bond together as a family over pumpkins and desserts, enjoy dinner outdoors and cook over a firepit, watch the stars at night, and host a movie night.

To relish all the wonderful things during fall, it is essential to make the effort to prep the home for the upcoming season. Preparing the home for the fall is a challenging yet exciting task to embark on. It can be a fun annual activity that the family can do together.

Since the fall season is just around the corner, we have come up with a list of things that you and your family can do to prepare your home for the autumn cozy season. Don’t worry, these tasks are very straightforward and easy to do. However, keep in mind that this does require effort and a little bit of resources to truly achieve the autumn aesthetic and achieve the cozy interiors. Without further ado, here are 10 ways to prep your home for the fall.

1. Deep clean

Before going into the nitty gritty of decorating and adding fall accessories, you must deep clean the interior and exterior areas of your home. Check your outdoor space, mow your lawn, and trim out some shrubs. Having a good curb appeal can make a huge difference especially during autumn season. It will make your outdoors livelier and more inviting. Freshen up your patio, balcony, or deck by arranging outdoor furniture and sprucing the area with autumn decorations. Hang a wreath by the door and add some outdoor string lights.

2. Declutter

Make sure to clean up all the rooms in the house and declutter all the storage areas, including shelves, cabinets, and closets, before you add your new fall home décor. Decluttering can instantly transform a space. When you get rid of unnecessary items that are visible to the eye, you are allowing the space to breathe and make room for new décor pieces. You don’t really want your display shelves to look overcrowded and disorganized. Therefore, declutter first before you decorate.

3. Bring Florals in

Decorating with florals is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way of adding life and vibrance to a space. It is always a good idea to decorate with flowers. Your choice of florals can determine the type of season you are decorating for. Keep this in mind when choosing flowers to put into your vases. To make a lively floral centerpiece, choose flowers in vivid hues like protea, tulips, roses, and dahlias. Vanda orchids are typically used in tropical arrangements, but they make a stunning transition into early fall thanks to their deep purple hue and distinctively patterned petals.

4. Switch Lampshades

Update your console table and side tables decoration by changing out your lampshades to indicate the new season. Go for floral patterned lampshades, sconces, and bell-shaped shades to evoke that warm elegant autumn interior design.

5. Change your window drapes

Change your thin sheer curtains into thick drapes. Since the weather is going to be colder, you need to have more insulation in your rooms to keep it warmer. Another thing to keep in mind when preparing the home for the autumn is the color scheme. Pick drapes with warmer hues such as brown, orange, or red to instantly evoke that warm impression in a visual manner.

6. Add fresh new beddings

Another ingenious yet simple way to update a space into an autumn room aesthetic is by changing beddings into fresh new ones. Of course, changing beddings is part of proper hygiene. It is something that we do more often. Therefore, when prepping the home for the fall, don’t forget to take beddings into consideration and try to add sheets that will complement your home’s fall interior décor. Fall bedding are characterized by warm hues such as reds, yellows, browns, beiges, florals, and checkered patterns.

7. Go for a fall color-scheme theme

Your fall interior décor composition must start with a color scheme. Sticking to a color scheme will make it easier for you to furnish and patch up the rest of your home’s decorations and accessories. Like we have mentioned previously, think of warmer hues when selecting color schemes for the autumn. Look outside your window and take cues from the colors of the outdoors. Orange leaves, yellow flowers, reddish tree barks, the olive-green leaves, and the dark blue hue of the lake or the sky. Take inspiration from nature and integrate its color scheme into your home’s interior.

8. Decorate the fireplace with fall décor

The fireplace can be a focal area in your home especially during the colder seasons. It is where the family can gather and bond after dinner. Fireplaces in modern and contemporary homes are also part of the living room and are center features in the home. It conveys warmth and gives every space in your house a welcoming atmosphere. Fall mantel decor will add brightness and a festive atmosphere to your room. Add elements like an artwork, wreaths, florals, candleholders, a decorative pumpkin, or an interesting sculpture or figurine.

9. Mind the lighting décor

The lighting can make or break the interior design composition of a room. When decorating with lighting for the fall season, always think of how you can make a space look snug and cozy. Add lights with warmer temperature. Hang string lights to create a cozier vibe. Add lighted pumpkins on your porch stairs and don’t forget to place lamp sconces on both sides of your front door.

10. Decorate with scented candles

Scents defines the ambiance and vibe of the space. It is the first thing that evades your sensation that moment you step into a room. This is what makes scent décor just as important as other interior design elements. When decorating for the fall, pick fall aromas, which feature traditional scents like pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Scents like these will add the extra touch of ambience to your home and make it feel homier and cozier.

When you begin to decorate your home for the fall, you'll see that there are a lot of decorating tricks and tips that you can learn. Some of the most basic are what we have covered in this blog. This makes you pretty equipped and ready to start prepping your home for the fall. So, what are you waiting for? Grab those cleaning materials and get a pen and paper to start listing down your to-do’s. It’s going to be a challenging yet fun activity!

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