KBIS 2022 More than just a Kitchen and Bath Showcase

Whoo Hoo We are back!

Still running on that feeling of adrenaline you get when you finally get to visit a place you love, spend time with friends, see new things, and just enjoy the moment. I got to do just that in Orlando Florida last week for KBIS 2022.

This year I was excited to join a Team of Design Hounds to search out all the latest and greatest trends in Kitchen and Bath. And I have to say after the past few years, there were some things that really stood out for me.

Why? you ask did I title this Blog "More than just a kitchen and bath showcase?"

Because of the Ahmazing array of trends coming your way that add so much more to your kitchen and bath than just the norm. Such as Health & wellbeing for kitchen and bath and Products with a focus on sustainability.

#1 Wellness in your home.

Nobody is doing this better than the folks at Mr. Steam AKA "Feel Good Inc"

The first night we were treated to a welcome party to meet the Design Hounds in person. Up until now, everything has been virtual. The excitement was palpable.

Pool party

The event was held outside, to follow Covid Protocols. Martha CEO of Mr. Steam and longtime supporter of Design Hounds was there to greet us. It was wonderful to meet everyone and despite the unusually cool weather, we had a terrific time. The only thing better than the Mr. Steam Robe would have been a portable Steam Shower to warm up in....Hmmm now there's an Idea.

I mentioned the trend of health & wellbeing and Mr. Steam is bringing luxury at its finest to bathrooms everywhere! It's amazing how simple it really is to transform an ordinary shower into #steamtherapy  for your family. In the time you take your normal shower you can have over 40 benefits of steam. You can read more here - Benefits of Steam Therapy

Promotes Sleep
Allergy Symptoms
Cleanses Skin

Self-care is so important as well all know and why not make that part of your morning ritual. I know I would love to have the benefits AromaTherapy, Chromatherapy and Music Therapy all in my shower.

Whether you are planning a full remodel or just want to transform your current shower the option to add steam is easier than you might think. Not only will it benefit you and your family but adding a steam shower has been proven to increase the value of your home up to 29% (Source: Zillow's 2018 Home Features that Sell analysis)

We've covered the bathroom, but what about trends for your kitchen in 2022.

Surprisingly Steam features prominently here too along with other advances to not only make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable but also keep food fresher longer too.

Signature Kitchen Suite

SKS with the backing of their parent company LG Appliances set out to challenge the market with innovative thinking, purposeful design, and leading-edge technology that help you prepare food in the best possible way.

Appliances like the Combi-steam wall oven, True Steam-Combi™ Dual fuel range with Sous-Vide, and PowerSteam™ Dishwasher all use steam to help you Cook faster, better, and clean up easier. Who knew steam was so versatile?


Images: SKS Appliances

"LG put a lot of time and energy into design and training professionals to meet the needs of the industry. They answered by simplifying installation, fit, and finish. With new methods of combination cooking like Steam sous-vide in ovens, steam cleaning in dishwashers, and sous vide on top, SKS kicked down the doors of the luxury industry" says Jayme Newbold Chef and Senior product trainer.

I have always loved cooking with steam on my stovetop and now it's even easier. Why steam in the dishwasher?

PowerSteam technology, provides atomized water particles of steam, making it gentle enough for delicate wine stems, but tough enough for stains and lipstick. All while sanitizing the interior.

Not to forget their industry-leading 3-year warranty* with an unprecedented 5-day Repair or Replace Promise, means they are committed to keeping you cooking. Who else can say this in this day and age?

I bet you thought I forgot the sustainability part.... Not so fast it's time to take Countertops.


The Surfaces Company is the leading Spanish company in the market for high-quality decorative surfaces.

We took some time for a deep dive into their new environmentally-friendly technologies for manufacturing recycled raw materials into their products. Such as Obsidiana COMPAC which transformed the market with the creation of a sustainable surface produced with 100% recycled glass as raw material.

When sourcing new products for my clients it's important to me to work with companies that consider their impact on our planet. Compac's Sustainability Circle Impressed me.


A showstopper for me was The RHEA worktop—designed by Elisa Ossino was oh so amazing. This Sculptural effect was achieved by sculpting from a single 992 lb block, Incredible right?

I was so impressed by the touch, feel and look along with the durability that it garnered one of my Design Hounds Top Ten awards for KBIS 2022


Terrazzo High Performance Stone (HPS) is a material that reinvents itself to offer a wide versatility of applications including indoor and outdoor, countertops, floors and partitions, anywhere high durability is needed.

I think that's enough to digest for one day right? You will want to stay tuned for our special coverage of my picks for the Design Hounds Top Ten Awards from KBIS 2022.