Signature Kitchen Suites KBIS 2021-Design Hounds at Home

It's a New Year and aren't we all happy about that, but nothing could make me happier than being chosen to be a Design Hound for Signature Kitchen Suites at KBIS 2021. Of course as with all things this years Kitchen and Bath Industry Showcase (KBIS) had to be virtual and not the normal in-person event we as Designers love. Regardless I am proud to be in such good company with these amazing Women.

The Luxury Experience

These talented ladies always find a way to make Lemonade out of Lemons or in this case Limoncello.

Our Group and our fearless leader Veronika Eagleson of Modenus - The Design Directory started KBIS off right with a deep dive so to speak into Sous Vide Technology which is integrated into many of the ranges you will find with Signature Kitchen Suites or SKS for short The luxury line of appliances for LG . We were gifted a Sous Vide wand to experience the luxury and just how easy it is for ourselves. I have to say I think we all thoroughly enjoyed not only making the limoncello but our Virtual tasting with Chef Nick, Signature Kitchen Suite's resident Executive Chef at the Experience and Design Center in Napa, California as well.

True To Food Technology

2020 The year we all spent far more time in our homes than we ever thought possible. Actual in-home time, cooking, working, spending time together with the renewal of family game night. For many of us, this meant re-evaluating how we use our spaces, and one of my most used spaces is my kitchen.

My home is small by most standards and my kitchen even smaller. As someone who has always loved to prep my weekly meals in advance, having the right “Tools “ in the kitchen makes a huge difference.

When you have a smaller kitchen it’s even more important to have every item you choose for your kitchen to function in multiple capacities.

So it makes sense that as we enter 2021 that all eyes are on what’s new for that oh so sacred space.

As a Design Hound, I was excited to learn more about the products from Signature Kitchen Suite For me, the appearance in the line of a 36” Dual Fuel Pro Range that not only has Induction but also Sous vide is a game-changer. You may have seen me on Facebook showing off our Sous vide wand well imagine what you could do with it built into your stove. I’d be whipping up everything from Chocolate to Chateaubriand in that baby.

Additionally, it has the largest capacity Combi-Steam Oven which combines convection and steam cooking options for amazing results.

Lastly and this is no small thing in my mind, each cooking method has a dedicated “Smart Knob” with large illuminated numbers that are easy on the eyes, or just use the Wi-Fi timer with the Signature Kitchen Suite App and you will get a notification when it’s done. No more leaving the room and not hearing when the buzzer goes off.

I firmly believe in weekly meal prep and how much easier that makes my life during the week. Additionally using fresh ingredients whenever possible makes my regime healthier. Signature Kitchen Suite's commitment to being "True to Food" in all they do, is another step in that direction. Check it out in this video.

Industry-first Under-counter Convertible Drawer Refrigerator

In addition to being True to Food, Signature Kitchen Suites is committed to bringing Industry-leading products to their clients. Like the 24" Built-in Under counter Drawer Refrigerator's first-of-its-kind innovation. Giving homeowners added flexibility to store food in the way they use it.

Not only do you get 2 drawers that allow you to store various sizes of drinks, but you also get a top 3rd drawer that will hold smaller items like meats and cheeses. Brilliant!

Panel Ready or Stainless means you can have your choice of making the front match your other Stainless appliances or attach panels that match your cabinets for a flush hidden look.

For the Wine Lover

What Kitchen showcase would ever be complete without Wine Storage? Signature Kitchen Suites brings out the innovation here as well with their Wine Cave Technology™

Holding 41 bottles, this refrigerator protects wine from its biggest threats: vibration, light, and variations in temperature and humidity. Dark opaque glass doors are triple-paned for UV protection; dampening engineering wards against vibration; dual evaporators to maintain steady moderate humidity, and two independent temperature zones to keep your wine collection precisely preserved.

Industry-leading Warranty to boot.

Having been a Designer a long time I have learned it's not just all the bells and whistles that matter. Whether a company stands behind what they offer matters too.

With Signature Kitchen Suites, You’ll be backed by the best policy in the industry. No other luxury appliance brand has a longer warranty. Their limited 3-year warranty covers all parts and labor.

The 5-day Promise

With the 5-day Repair or Replace Promise, if anything goes wrong, your appliance will be repaired within 5 days. If your appliance is not able to be repaired within 5 days, they will replace your unit. No one else can say that. Whether you are registering your suite of products, scheduling maintenance, or offering simple advice, a dedicated service representative is always here for you.

So many great finds all in one place in the Signature Kitchen Suites Virtual Showrooms be sure to check out these and many more Innovative appliances. For more information reach out to