KBIS 2022 The European Connection

NKBA Global Connect

One of the main aspects of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Showcase KBIS is that we not only get to see the emerging trends from American products but also the ability to see Major manufacturers from Europe and Asia that we can then bring to our clients. The NKBA Global Connect does just that.


If the time spent in the Pandemic has taught us anything, it's that our homes now have to be more functional than ever. The question now arises do we live to work or work to live?

Ballerina Kuchen

Ballerina Kuchen has addressed this question head-on.

As one of the leading manufacturers in the Kitchen Furniture Industry. Yes, I said Kitchen Furniture - The Europeans are leaps and bounds ahead of the US in the utilization of small spaces to the fullest. Kitchen Furniture allows for a seamless look that gives multi-function spaces.

For example, the multi-cabinet HOMETOOL, can be transformed in the blink of an eye. With multiple functions such as a home office or a safe place to store equipment - this three-sided multi-cabinet by renowned designer Michael Hilgers gives the ultimate in multi-function use. Now, why did I not think of this? So Smart.


Image credit : Ballerina Kuchen

Equally impressive was the PIROUETTE kitchen transforms in the blink of an eye from an ergonomic standing work surface to a dining table or extra kitchen worksurface.

Watch this short clip to see just how great small space living can be. I just love the organization here.

Video credit : Ballerina Kuchen

VLAZE - Vitreous Enamel Panels and Worksurfaces

One of the standouts for me at the show was Vlaze

As we move our kitchen and dining spaces outdoors Vlaze’s ADAPT line is just what we need. This innovative range of modular and free-standing kitchen units are easy to be moved freely from indoors to outside. A beautiful way to add color to your outdoor dining, and we all know I love color.

They can easily be incorporated with Outdoor cooking units, under-cabinet refrigerators, and kitchen sinks.

Designed for outdoor living these mobile units offer the perfect solution for food preparation, garden storage, and al fresco dining

Design Hound

Colorful, durable, movable outdoor kitchens.

A family business established back in 1972 and have a proud history of manufacturing much of the iconic signage for the London Underground and the Paris Metro

Made of Vitreous Enamel which is resistant to the elements be it rain, sun, snow, or hail it will not fade or corrode. Recognized as a sustainable and eco-friendly material that is fully recyclable at the end of life.

Yet another reason this was one of my Design Hounds TOP TEN for KBIS 2022

nobilia European Kitchen Furniture

It's always interesting to me to hear the backstory of how a company was founded and how they have evolved to where they are today. Hearing about nobilia European Kitchen Furniture and their philosophy based in the Bauhaus movement.

Bauhaus - A movement founded in Germany in 1919 by architect Walter Gropius. Unifying art and technology; propagating design and efficiency. Everything has a place, nothing is wasted, everything is designed for life. Clean lines, hidden handles, sleeker feeling with options in finishes and color.

Living spaces that are easily adaptable and reconfigurable and modular. Grid-based that allows for unlimited configurations. Optimized to fit your needs and your space.

Looking deeper into the trends in design nobilia sees minimalist styles like Transitional, Natural ( a renewed sense of bringing organic materials into the home), and contemporary will top the list for the next 3 years or so.

Raised Bar

One thing that surprised me was to learn the Phrase “European Kitchen Furniture.”

Did you know in Europe the Kitchen and Bath cabinets move with the homeowner, that's right, they do not stay with the home. This stands true for closets as well. It takes a moment to wrap your head around this concept.

The misconception of modular as cheap and flimsy is easily dispelled with the intelligently constructed, personalized components that are focused on the end-user and fitted to your needs. Innovative storage that is ergonomic and easy to install and take with you when you move. These modular components are all designed as finished forms.

"Form Follows Function" as Louis Sullivan (one of my favorite architects) has once said. nobilia Kitchen Furniture follows this tenet and has created some truly beautiful products.

As the largest in the Western Hemisphere, they have the ability to produce a large range of products in an amazing array of finishes and a nearly unlimited array of configurations.

We can learn a lot from our European friends and I for one am looking forward to learning so much more.

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Michelle Blemel